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Integrated Dashboards

For Smarter, Faster Data Analysis

No matter how many tools you use, you can view all of your data in one place - Finally, a dashboard for all of your business.

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Growth Metrics on the go

Your users are your most important asset. With Chartly, you can see what's happening with your users around the clock with ease. We deliver beautiful charts and meaningful insights across a variety of mediums - Daily reports to your inbox, push notifications to your smart phone, real time dashboards to your desktop, and so much more. You choose what's important to you and how often you want to hear about it.

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Track velocity across your entire product suite

New products are being released every day, and it can be hard to keep up. Chartly helps keep your product on track by tracking progress across your product, your team, and individuals so you can make sure you're product keeps pushing forward.

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Chartly marketing integrations

All your data in one place

Marketing doesn't just happen in one place. You're posting to social media accounts, sending emails, tracking conversions, and so much more. Let Chartly bring all of your data together into one dashboard so you can see what's really working.

Seamless Integration

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One-Click Setup

Add any number of integrations with only one click

Every action users take is significant in understanding their intent. From opening emails to and signing up to paying monthly fees, let us track

Powerful Charts

Segment and filter each visualization

Each visualization in your dashboard is ready to be filtered and segmented to provide meaningful insights and compare trends over time. Gone are the days of spending hours managing multiple spreadsheets of data.

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Receive alerts in real time so you can catch errors (or celebrate wins) before it's too late

The Chartly notification center let's you control how frequently and through what medium you receive alerts. You may send real time notifications to your team's favorite collaboration tool or send daily reports to your inbox - the choice is yours.

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