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Getting Started

Sign up for Chartly through our normal signup process here: Chartly Signup

Next, select any integrations you'd like Chartly dashboards for on your account page: Chartly Dashboards

Lastly, click the 'Add to Slack' button and configure any Slack notifications here: Notification Center

Notification Center

Easily set up Slack notifications you want to receive from your favorite tools. These notifications can be turned off by de-selecting "Slack" in the notification center.

Traffic Summary from Google Analytics

Get weekly updates of your web site's traffic stats with our Google Analytics integration. See how many page views you had in the previous week and how long people are staying on your site.

Intercom Updates

Our Intercom integration makes it easy to keep up with the health of your sign up funnel and the activity of your users.

Developer Productivity

For both GitHub and Bitbucket we send out weekly reports with a break down of commits by contributors. Easily see what your development team is doing each week.

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