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Google Analytics

Your website analytics are arguably the most important part of some businesses. Track unique visitors, page views, conversion rates, daily sessions and more. With Chartly, you'll always know where you stand on your marketing goals.

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30 days page views

Save time with KPI tracking

Track Page Views, Sessions, Users, Bounces and more.

Never get lost in your marketing tools again. Let us answer the questions you care about most, such as how many page views each page on your site received last week. Knowing whether a new marketing campagin is working is made simple with Chartly.

Data Enhancement

SEO Dashboard

When you setup your google analytics integration, we'll build an SEO dashboard for your site. This makes it easy to measure page authority and domain authority for your entire site, or even track which authors or posts are having the biggest impact on your SEO.

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Date filters

Powerful Charts

Segment and filter each metric

Page views, sessions, bounces, users - All of your marketing data is ready to be filtered and segmented to provide meaningful insights and compare trends over time.


See weekly reports and more

The Chartly notification center let's you control how frequently and through what medium you receive alerts. You can push weekly report cards to your email or slack chat, or combine notifications in a way that makes sense for your team.

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