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Track contacts, payments, customers, refunds, orders, growth metrics, and so much more with beautiful in-depth dashboards. Chartly with Infusionsoft helps eliminate spreadsheets and see through to the data that matters.

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Summary Dashboards

View key business KPIs at a glance with your summary dashboard

Infusionsoft is a great tool for teams. Between summary dashboards and highly detailed metric views, we give you the ability to suppress the noise and get the visibility you need.


Track payments, orders, sales, and refunds with Infusionsoft

Chartly with Infusionsoft can help track marketing metrics like contacts and list growth - But you can also compare revenue growth and see how your decisions are impacting your bottom line.

Infusionsoft payments dashboard
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See weekly reports and more

The Chartly notification center let's you control how frequently and through what medium you receive alerts. You can push weekly report cards to your email or slack chat, or combine notifications in a way that makes sense for your team.

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