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Our Mission

At Chartly we want to make it incredibly easy to see reality. We free your data from silos and present it with clarity so that you don't have to wonder about the current state of your world.

Marketing Dashboards

Are your marketing efforts working or are you wasting time and money on ineffective tactics? Chartly makes it easy to see exactly what is going on with your business.

Track the growth of...

   your website traffic
   your email lists
   your sales

Currently we integrate with Google Analytics as well as several email marketing tools (see available integrations); we've also created a custom SEO dashboard to help you measure page authority and inbound links to your website.

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Developer Dashboards

In order to track our own progress building Chartly, we created a developer dashboard that lets us observe consistency and productivity of our development team. It is very helpful to us and we hope it will be to your team as well.

We currently integrate with GitHub and Bitbucket; and since GitHub provides a rich search API we have also pre-loaded a few dashboards. Check out any public repository at our Public GitHub Repositories page.

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