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Beautiful Visualizations

Bring your data to life with our hand crafted charts, graphs and visualizations.

Deeper Insights

As the world of big data continues to grow, it is more vital than ever to easy distill large data sets into actionable intelligence.

Portable Charts

Choose from a variety of charts and pre-populated dashboards that can be easily exported and shared.



Connect to your cloud-based mongodb server and instantly gain visibility into your data.

Want to connect to your private mongodb instance? Let us know and you can join the private beta for our desktop app.

Data sources

Upload your own CSV or Excel files that can be exposed as data sources for creating beautiful visualizations.

Or set up a data source by selecting a table or collection from your cloud-hosted database connection.

Beautiful Dashboards

All of our visualizations are focused first and foremost on providing clarity to you around your data.

And as a bonus we believe the more aesthetically pleasing the dashboard the more it will be used and provide real utility to your business.