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See what is going on with your development team. View commits by the day of the week. See the latest streaks. See which developers are the most active.

All this and more with our development dashboards for Bitbucket.

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"Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential." -- Winston Churchill

With our latest and current streak metrics it is easy to observe how consistent your team is. That continuous effort over long periods of time is what separates successful software projects from those that fall by the wayside.

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Also view similar metrics for an individual contributor on your teams. Observer their most recent contributions with their commits over the last two weeks and see their commits by month over the last year.

Consistency among all of your team members is a key to your success.

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Multiple Repositories

Rarely does all of your work live in a single repository. Track the progress of any number of your repos with a few simple clicks; or click 'Select All' and track all of them.

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