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Let us do the dirty work of cleaning and formatting your data!

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The Chartly Data Cleaning Service

We live in a messy world. Data is hidden in spreadsheets and often comes to us in formats that are hard to use. We fix that!

1. Send us your files in Excel or CSV format.

We currently support data in both Excel, CSV and PDF formats.

2. Tell us your problems

Briefly describe what is important to you and what your issues are. We love to listen.

3. Sit back and relax.

We will process your data and make it available for you to download or access via our API.

Better data means greater insight

Using our cleaning service we will distill your data into exactly what you need and remove the clutter. This will reduce the time and effort that stand between you and making better business decisions.

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Enhance your data

We look for ways to make your data better by linking it to public data or your other private data sets.

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Get rid of the noise

Removed fields that are not useful and increase your signal to noise ratio.

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Get alerts when your data is ready

We can alert you with the tools that best fit in your workflow. We can update your Slack channel or send you an email.

Case studies: TSA Data

Lots of great content here talking about our TSA data source

Case studies: TechCrunch Disrupt Attendee data set

Lots of great content here talking about our TC data source