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Beautiful Charts,
Less Effort

Powerful Charts

Drag, drop, visualize!

Using our simple Chart editor you can create great charts in seconds. From the tried and true bar chart to our advanced time-series area charts, you can easily create the most effective chart for your unique data set.

Grouped bar chart sales by state

Native support for MongoDB

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Data Source Connectors


We are big fans of MongoDB here at Chartly and provide first class support to visualizing you data hosted within Mongo. No need to use special connector technology or complex installations. Simply provide your connection string including any required credentials and instantly start creating custom charts and dashboards.

How it works

1. Connect Your Data Sources

Connect directly to MongoDB or use our integrations to connect to 3rd party services. We'll handle the rest.
2. Build your charts and dashboards
Using our simple drag-and-drop editors you can build sophisticated charts and dashboards in seconds. Stop wasting time with complex configurations and start getting real work done in less time.
3. Share it with your team
We'll keep your charts and dashboards up to date, so you can share them with team members or clients and know the data is accurate. You can then add more integrations, setup notifications, and so much more.

Make data driven decisions, See data driven results

Your data is the backbone of your business, and with the proper tools it can help determine critical business decisions. With the full Chartly suite you can track your most important metrics across multiple data sources in one place - On any device, instantly.

Chartly marketing integrations

Integrated Dashboards

See key metrics and performance across your entire tool suite

In addition to native database integration, Chartly supports integrations that connect your data from 3rd party services to Chartly. This gives you the power to measure key metrics across all of your data sources. From marketing and sales to core product development, our integrated dashboards bring all of your data into one place so you can see what's happening in real time.

Chartly Desktop

Private data? No problem!

We also have a desktop version of Chartly that is able to securely connect to your private databases. Simply supply your internal connection string to Chartly Desktop, and you'll get all the power of Chartly within your private network.

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