The story of Chartly

And the road ahead


The team has been busy since the first commit was made to the Chartly codebase on

May 03 , 2017

Over the last 472 days, we've been making the chartly codebase better every day with an average of 9 commits a day since conception!

Looking back, Friday's are our most productive days with over 21% of our commits being made on Friday.

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A better Chartly, over time

Building great software takes consistency. Check out the progress that chartly has been making since the beginning.


First Commit

The first commit to chartly-server was made by Harris Reynolds on a Wednesday (May 2017):

"Initial commit"


Longest Streak

The longest streak is currently at 16 days.


Latest Commit

The last commit to chartly-server was made on August 18 2018:

"bare bones to import pdf file to data source"

Top Contributors

Since the start, we've been excited to accelerate our growth and increase our contributor count. Take a look at a few of our top contributors.

  1. Harris
  2. Justin
  3. David
  4. Jonathan
  5. Wesley

Most Recent Activity

We've seen lots of tech come and go, but with Chartly we want to make a lasting impact.

The last commit was made about 16 hours ago.

Thanks for keeping the app alive team.


A brief look at the impact we're having

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