The story of Chartly

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The team has been busy since the first commit was made to the Chartly codebase on

May 03 , 2017

Over the last 385 days, we've been making the chartly codebase better every day with an average of 7 commits a day since conception!

Looking back, Friday's are our most productive days with over 21% of our commits being made on Friday.

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A better Chartly, over time

Building great software takes consistency. Check out the progress that chartly has been making since the beginning.


First Commit

The first commit to chartly-server was made by Harris Reynolds on a Wednesday (May 2017):

"Initial commit"


Longest Streak

The longest streak is currently at 94 days.


Latest Commit

The last commit to chartly-server was made on May 22 2018:

"Uploading initial landing page files for localhost: 3000/Daniel route"

Top Contributors

Since the start, we've been excited to accelerate our growth and increase our contributor count. Take a look at a few of our top contributors.

  1. Harris
  2. Justin
  3. David
  4. Jonathan
  5. Brooks

Last 30 Commits

  1. Uploading initial landing page files for localhost: 3000/Daniel route 05-22-2018
  2. found a possible leak for resetting authority data and added new tests for added modules 05-22-2018
  3. create view for github weekly report 05-22-2018
  4. Merged in justin/continue-refactoring-redundant-code (pull request #152) Justin/continue refactoring redundant code 05-22-2018
  5. Merged in justin/feed-full-name-to-gh-job (pull request #149) feed full_name from controller repo call to job 05-22-2018
  6. Merge branch 'development' of into development 05-22-2018
  7. Begin the blogs API 05-22-2018
  8. Fix area chart 05-22-2018
  9. Fix area chart 05-22-2018
  10. chart cleanup 05-22-2018
  11. add job and mailer method for github status emails for integrations 05-22-2018
  12. fix regexp_filter bug in dev branch 05-22-2018
  13. Adjust item names for top queries 05-22-2018
  14. merge 05-22-2018
  15. fix regexp_filter bug 05-22-2018
  16. Replace sum/count queries with generated ones 05-22-2018
  17. Support for previous week report APIs for Infusionsoft 05-22-2018
  18. add APIs for previous week commit and issue count 05-22-2018
  19. Fix bug in QueryBuilder refactor and refactor time series label code 05-22-2018
  20. remove unused methods 05-22-2018
  21. refactor how ethereum data sources are initialized and implement one aggregation query using the DataVisualization model 05-22-2018
  22. Merge branch 'development' into justin/continue-refactoring-redundant-code 05-21-2018
  23. add epsilon theory service. fix a few bugs that popped up after refactor 05-21-2018
  24. Merge branch 'development' into feature/eth-imp2 05-21-2018
  25. Add average gas price, transaction value, work on area formatting 05-21-2018
  26. Namespace fixes 05-21-2018
  27. Begin Redshift refactoring and fix nil client in Mongo refactor 05-21-2018
  28. Merge branch 'development' into feature/eth-imp2 05-21-2018
  29. Merge branch 'development' of into development 05-21-2018
  30. Refactoring mongo query builder to remove code duplication and also make the filter model more backend data base agnostic 05-21-2018

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We've seen lots of tech come and go, but with Chartly we want to make a lasting impact.

The last commit was made 1 day ago.

Thanks for keeping the app alive team.


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