Chartly for Infusionsoft

Get complete visibility of your email list and sales growth.

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Get a quick high-level view of your business with metrics on your contacts and payments.

Easily see the number of contacts receiving, opening and clicking as well as your year-to-date sales and refunds.

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Easily pinpoint what has been working and what has not by viewing the contacts added to your list over time. Add significantly more contacts one month? Repeat that! Have a low point? Take a look at your activity that month and see if there are issues with your funnels or processes.

Armed with accurate data you can better see how to more consistently improve.

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Ideally your business will always be growing. Compare your current year sales with prior years to see how your latest efforts are measuring up.

Also get detailed metrics on your refunds. Get that metric trending downward and you'll have happier customers and keep more of your sales!

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One-click Install

You can literally sign up for Chartly through your Infusionsoft account and we'll take care of setting up your dashboard. Depending on the number of contacts and payments you have Infusionsoft it can take up to an hour for us to pull in your data. We will notify you when your data has been loaded and you can view your dashboard.

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